Saturday, March 26, 2005

Spring Break '05 | Day 10

The first to wake up this morning, I got up and made some fresh squeezed orange juice and prepared a simple plate of fruit slices and the Sienese pastries. I washed all the dishes and cleaned the kitchen until I decided to go back to sleep and wait for everyone else to get up. When the day finally began we did a second load of laundry while filling up on a cheese, tomato, and pasta lunch.

By the time I made it to the Uffizi Gallery the line was too long for me to even make the last entrance time. I had lined up for a while to see how the flow would go but finally decided to leave. In the time I spent in line I spoke to a man from Salamanca, Spain and met a few guys from Boston. I gave them some pointers on ice cream selection as well as suggestions for clubs to go out to in Firenze.

I left the line knowing I wouldn’t be able to make the day’s last entrance call so I spent my day exploring the area around the Palazzo Vecchio. Later, I had planned to meet up with Dustin at the Ponte Vecchio. From there we crossed the bridge to the other side of the Arno River and a short walk to Santa Maria del Carmine, the home of the Masaccio mural of the Tribute Money. It’s been said that Michelangelo would spend hours staring at the Master’s work in the small Brancacci Chapel. A small distance away was the Church of Santo Spirito. Walking back around toward the river we stopped back at the Pitti Palace in front of Shana’s design school. While taking a minute to rest there, it strange enough to see the two guys that had sat down next to us at dinner in Rome.

Back at the apartment Shana made us a dinner of fettuccine alfredo and we dined on the balcony with a bottle of chianti. At the end of dinner, a plan had hatched about joining a procession that went about the city for Good Friday. Thinking it would be a long night, we decided against it and wanted to go out for a drink instead. A long walk past the Duomo took us to an tourist hangout called the Fish Pub. It was packed full of foreigners from all over. I found us some seats next to a couple from Liverpool and we discussed some football. Later in the night the two guys, James and Mark, whom I met in line at the Uffizi, show up and we hang out. While talking with Mark we decide to invite a few girls over to our table. Trying out my Italian pickup lines, I found out one of the girls, Tatiana, is from Genoa, Italy. We had a good talk and I bought shots for the crew.

Activity: 3 | Energy: 3 | Friends: 3

Spring Break '05 | Day 10


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