Sunday, March 27, 2005

Spring Break '05 | Day 11

A little rough getting up this morning, I had to rush a bit to make it to the Uffizi Galleries. The line had grown longer than yesterday but I was sure that this time I was in line early enough to make the entrance time. After a very long four and a half hour wait I was admitted into the museum. It was definitely worth the effort to catch the works of Masters like Leonardo, Raphael, Botticelli, Titian and more. There was not nearly enough time to see everything so I made sure to hit up mainly the paintings that I wanted to see.

The Uffizi experience took all day so that by the time I got home, everyone had already left. Shana had left me notes that gave clues to how I could make my way into the apartment. I found notes at the front gate, to the main front door, and finally the apartment itself with a clue to a hidden key. Inside, I was surprised with a large chocolate Easter egg. I called up Shana on her cell phone and met up with them at the Duomo. We sat around there for some time before making our way back, though not before purchasing our bus tickets to the airport. This last full day in Firenze was a day to relax and pack. On the way home, we stopped by a place that served apperativo and we had a peaceful, enjoyable dinner. It was funny that the waitress had thought that she recognized me from the night before even though I had never been in the establishment.

At home Dustin and I packed as we watched Harold and Kumar go to White Castle on Shana’s laptop. When the movie was over, Dustin went to bed. Shana then got up from her sleep to show me some of the work that she’s been doing at school. The designs she did in PhotoShop and 3D Studio were impressive and I critiqued her work. As it grew late, it was time to lay down for my last night in Florence.

Activity: 3 | Energy: 2 | Friends: 2

Spring Break '05 | Day 11


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