Friday, November 12, 2004

Art is Nature Perfected

In the car and on the way to the tournament, I took out the FeiBook to begin on one of three essays due by Monday. I'm nearing completion of one of the essays but I'm strapped to find time for the other two since we'll be going out for dinner and drinks tonight to celebrate before combat tomorrow morning. Then afterwards is a tournament banquet followed by more drinking later in the night. I'm thinking about leaving early on Sunday and using that time to write my second essay. Then I've got all Sunday night to write the third one.

In amusement, I was looking through This Week in Pictures, a column hosted by, and came upon this great picture of the terraced fields in Yunnan Province, China. This aerial view looks like a real-life van Gogh painting with his swirls of modulated thick paint.

As my Art History Professor, Narciso, would say...

"Art is a realm in between that of Nature and God [the ideal]. Art, you can say, is nature perfected."

Indeed, Narciso, indeed.


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