Friday, May 27, 2005


With a wee bit of sleep I woke up and left for the lake to meet Brock for windsurfing lessons. After some tries on the simulator we suited up and went out on the water. A few tumbles in the lake was reward for getting the feel and balance of board and sail. A steady strong wind from the West made it a chore to uphaul the sail after each fall. The body went into fatigue mode with time spent sprawled out on the board. At one point the wind picked up pretty good and the blue flag was raised. Heavy wind conditions. Dark clouds moving in signaled a storm system coming our way. The choppy waves on the water made it hard to ride back on the board and Stephen came by to pick us up in a motor boat.

By the time I arrived at the pier I was already very much late for work. I jumped on my bike and dashed off for DoIT in my frigid wet condition. Since work was fairly slow I took a short break to change into dry clothes. Critial Error: I forgot to pack underwear! :(

So now I'm sitting here at work without me skivvies, skin still shaking in cold, and scheduled to work a 16 hour shift. When I'll be done I'll have about 4 hours to sleep before going back out there for more windsurfing. I'll follow up by working another 16 hours and alas, sleep.

Activity: 3 | Energy: 2 | Friends: 3

Windy day on the lake


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