Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Early Morning Sails

I spent the wee hours of the early morning reading Digital Fortress. Like the Da Vinci Code it was hard to pull away from the reading.

Taking a break to check my email I had noticed the dawn coming in. The time for sleep had come and gone and I missed the slumbering part. Mike's email had asked if anyone wanted to go for an early morning sail. I packed a light bag and left for the Hoofer Sailing boathouse. When I got there, a few members had already started rigging up the Sloops for the water. I helped rig one up before heading out.

This morning had brought in a fair wind from the South. The air was still cool. Out on the lake, we glided alongside other morning sails. The UW Crew was out there doing drills. First sail of the season and I had gone out on a Sloop.

Activity: 3 | Energy: 2 | Friends: 3

Early Morning Sail


Blogger Vavoom said...

How often do you get out sailing?

3:51 AM

Blogger Fei said...

In the summer, I try to sail all the days I can. Give me 9 days and most likely you'll find me out on the water for all 9. Weather of course is always my friend and enemy.

6:18 AM

Anonymous Kramer said...

Digital Fortress was an AWESOME book...I read it while in New York this past New Years.

12:35 PM


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