Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Wingsday '05 Moving Out

This time of the year is typically a crazy time for students on campus to move from one residence to another. It actually feels good not having to go through it for myself this time around. As a break from all the hectic moving about, I suggested that we should host a Wingsday to get away from it all.

I went to Lucky's Bar ahead of everyone else. Just as typical, I was running late and Steph had arrived first. Because of prior arrangements, she had to eat no later than 10p so we went ahead and put in for our pre-wings. As our order came to the table, Steirs had come through the door. Shortly after, Chen and Kristin walked in and helped us clear up. When David and Julie stopped by, we had to move to the back room for more table space.

One by one, more wings were ordered and were soon devoured. A few of Chen and Kristin's friends came by to see what Wingsday was all about and it was enjoyable to add to our wrecking crew. Throughout the night's conversations, we covered ground on what it's like to be good neighbors as well as a business plan for a company Julie was thinking up. Though I won't mention the specifics, I will say that it possibly involves a buffet and an all you can beat...eh? With the beer flowing well, Steph had to stop drinking so Steirs became her drinking surrogate. He moaned and complained about receiving the title of surrogate so we came to nickname him "Pissy Surrogate".

Later in the night, as half the crew had left for home, James had finally stopped in after work to cap off a wing centennial. We were not done yet as Brock and Matt had come in by followed by Brent. At the end of the night, 120 wings were consumed putting us in record numbers. As for Jessica, our faithful Lucky's server, it was her last night of work there and she joined us for pictures. Even Christina dropped by in her pajamas just to say hi.

Although it wasn't a wild a Wingsday as past sessions, it had served its purpose of a break from moving. It didn't hurt to fill our bellies with wings and beer. Ah, a good night indeed.

Wingsday '05 Moving Out
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Activity: 2 | Energy: 2 | Friends: 3

Wingsday '05 Moving Out

New Wingsday Crew Callsigns

"Jaws" Kramer, the Great White
Julie Hand Job
the Pissy Surrogate Steirs


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