Monday, September 05, 2005

Happy Birthday Alice!

I slept in pretty good on Sunday that when I woke up, I felt so energized. I took a call from David reminding me that it's Alice's birthday so I head up to the Union Terrace where most of the Toy family had gathered. Jerry and Barbara had come down from Waukesha for their youngest's birthday and big brother Charlie had made the trip from Minnesota.

I join them all for a beer before heading down to the lake. I invited Alice for a sail today so her friend Liz tags along as well with me and David in one Badger Sloop. We make it a short trip to catch the last of the setting sun. It's also a time to teach a thing or two about sailing and I let them take turns steering.

When we get back in, the last little bit of light is fleeting fast and we make plans for Alice's birthday dinner. While Alice and Liz go home to clean up, David and I make a trip to pickup Julie and his roomate Sarah. For the choice of restaurant, I picked out Takara Japanese Steakhouse for a good nearby sushi place.

The evening went by great as our waitress confuses my order and brings out four jars of sake instead of the one large one that I had asked for. We take it anyways and use it to toast to just anything at the top of my mind. When dinner was over, I had asked them to bring out a birthday selection for Alice. On her special dish was a selection of ice creams and fruits. One fruit in particular, an apple (my favorite of fruits), was crafted into a cute little bird.

Alice's Birthday '05

Activity: 3 | Energy: 3 | Friends: 3

Alice's Birthday '05


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