Thursday, February 16, 2006

Snow Day

I awoke this morning to Diana's engrossing excitement of a school snow day. The Madison School District hasn't called one of these in five years and my sister made it a point to inform everyone. We sat there in the early morning darkness with the emitting glow of the tv news as other school districts called off school for the day.

It brought back memories of my younger days when I lived next door to my best bud Adam. I remember how snow days gave us an excuse to spend all afternoon playing outside digging tunnels through the steep banks of snow, deposited there by the large street plows. Those were some of the most endearing memories that I still hold onto today because they represent a time of innocence that one can never get back. They were truly carefree days where just about the only thing on our minds was the fun and joy we got out of hanging out together—friends in it 'til the end. Adam's mom made sure that we would eventually come back inside to warm up with ready made mugs of hot cocoa.

And now that I've grown up, those days rarely come around. Today, however, I think I'll take it easy. Adam no longer lives next door and we won't be returning to those ready made mugs of cocoa. But today, when I take a look out the window and catch sight of those snow banks, I see myself digging away without a care in the world.

Activity: 1 | Energy: 2 | Friends: 1


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