Sunday, February 26, 2006

Tournament Celebration Dinner

The steady development of the Tech Buddies website took a short hiatus as I prepared for last week's tournament. Getting back on track I called for a meeting this Sunday afternoon. Decisions made and decisions set aside we re-grouped to concentrate in the current phase.

Immediately after the meeting I run by Kendo practice and there's a huge showing of club members. Though the workout wasn't so terribly exhaustive, we had fun mixing it up a bit. Mark commanded us to choose our favorite weapon. Then, the people interested in Naginata fought against those of us who preferred Kendo. Long spear versus the sword was an interesting spin on short-range combat and new techniques had to be learned.

With a short practice session over we clean up and head for Imperial Garden for our after tournament celebration dinner. Kiyota Sensei was invited and our big lot got the special banquet room in the corner as always. The outcome was good and the food was well served. The Kendo Club looks to be going strong and we talk about keeping it that way. All is takes is a consistent showing at practice and people who are dedicated to their art--a bit of sweat and lots of dedication.

Activity: 3 | Energy: 2 | Friends: 3


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