Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Let go my Ego

After class, I rushed to work to find that Yonah had picked up a good amount of my shift. Perfect. This would give me enough time to get through most of Kendo practice and again return to work.

In practice, I was feeling a bit down after Mark's unrelenting critique of my every misstep. I know that it's because of the tournament around the corner that he'll be especially critical. Truly though before I am to progress I must put aside all ego and open the mind to improvement. I already know this and it's going to come down to the execution.

Returning to work to finish the shift, I got a call from David about doing a Wingsday at the Oakcrest Tavern. In the end, it was just me and my bro and the waitress from the night prior. Before heading home, I stopped by David's to chill awhile and hang out with James who now owns a gigantic 21" computer monitor. Yikes!

Once I got home, Diana dragged me to Blockbuster to return a movie which led to a trip to Cub Foods and then finally home where I crashed in bed early.

Activity: 3 | Energy: 2 | Friends: 3


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