Monday, April 18, 2005

The Wedding of Andre and Katie

I woke up with plenty of time to get ready for the day. This day of April 16, 2005 is the day that Andre and Katie become husband and wife. I have known Andre for about as long as I've known David and have met Katie on several occasions. I wish them the best in marriage. The road ahead will be full of surprises and many great things.

When I got into Waukesha, David was just on his way out to fill his duties as the best man. I stayed at his house with Jenica until the Toy family assembled. In one minivan, the big lot of us made our way to the church on the East side of Milwaukee. We walked in a few minutes late--this time not by my account.

After the ceremony I hugged the couple and gave my praises. With the official part being all but over, it was time for a reception dinner and a time to let loose. The dinner went off with no problems and later I was pushed into singing the new couple a song at their table. At the end of dinner, people began hitting the bar and conversing. Strangely, one of the couples I started talking to was an old acquaintance from Madison East High. She graduated only one year before me but we were in the same band class together, even traveling together to Orlando for the All American Music Festival.

When the dance area began filling with music and dancers all over, the Toy family and I all joined in. Alice was my partner in all of it and I apologize for being a lousy lead. I can't dance, however, I had a crazy bout of frenzied dancing when the DJ played the song Footloose. The last song to play for the night was I've had the time of my life, which pretty much said it all and brought us good friends together in a final dance.

When it was time to close for the night we left happily in being dance fools. Outside it began to rain, refreshing the night. It stopped shortly and I drove home to Madison. It was close to bar time when I made it back but I was feeling good and met up with the Rockstars Steph, Sita, and James at Genna's Cocktail Lounge. My stay at the bar wasn't long after being pushed out at closing. The four of us went back to Sita's place for some Ian's Pizza and the O.C. on TV until falling asleep.

Activity: 3 | Energy: 3 | Friends: 3

Alice at Andre and Katie's Wedding


Blogger Vavoom said...

You've got a cool blog. I felt like I was also at the wedding!

2:52 AM

Anonymous Lynda said...

Who was this old classmate from Band Class? Anyone I know?

10:12 AM


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