Tuesday, March 07, 2006

March Melodies

Afterall, having the weekend to study for an exam where the Professor was a no-show does not necessarily mean better results. In fact, I might've felt better if I had just taken the exam last week. Nonetheless, my scattered study for midterm exam was sufficient and I'm sure I made the grade. As for my essay responses, my rambling was probably a bad choice.

Once I left my late night class, I scurried over to East High to catch the last few pieces of my sister's band concert they titled March Melodies. The conductor Dr. Eckel, my once proud teacher, stood up on the podium as usual as he performed where he does best, leading young pursuits in music. The difference now is that I see the aging in his face. The years have been kind to him but other facets of life has taken its toll. For starters, because of school district budget cuts, he's making less money now then he did when he first started. But it's not like money is his main concern. He's turned down positions to teach and work at the University level because he believes in the shaping of young minds early. Furthermore, he's gone through a tough year fighting for his wife's success in cancer chemotherapy. I am glad to report that she's doing well.

Despite all the downturns, he looked most comfortable on the podium almost lost in the music. His passion, the love of music and the desire to teach, is the thing I'll remember most of Dr. Eckel. I once sat front and center under his direction. Now, my sister has taken that place. We will most likely be the last two Xiao's to play the oboe under this great man. I wish him and his wife the best.

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March Melodies


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