Saturday, July 23, 2005

Let the Commodore's Cup Begin!

Early Friday morning, I went out to the SWAP Shop to browse for computer parts to fix up an older machine. On a rare find, I got a PowerMac G3 for an awesome price. My first thought was to gut the machine and sell the parts but my interest got the best of me and I'll be fixing it up and keeping it as a media center for my widescreen LCD TV.

By early noon, I was already at work because of a shift swap so that I could attend the opening ceremonies of the Commodore's Cup later tonight.

Before getting down to the Hoofer Sailing social, I first met up with David, Julie, and Matt at the Union Terrace for a drink. I then invited them to the social so that they could meet my teammates

Alas, many of the team members decided to sit out on the ceremonies. The only person I recognized on my team's roster was Michelle and it looks like I won't get to meet my other teammates tonight. On the other hand, David and friends were invited for free food. With some time left before dinner, I took Matt and Adriana and a few of David's co-workers on a leisurely sunset cruise. I had Matt help me rig up the Badger Sloop and we meandered about on the water.

Activity: 3 | Energy: 2 | Friends: 3

Let the Commodore's Cup Begin!


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