Saturday, January 07, 2006

Closing Day

It's been a rough couple of days scrambling to get everything together for today's closing. John had made the meeting as late into the day as possible so that we could close on time. There was a slight mishap at the bank but it was resolved by early morning. The only thing left to do was a final walk-through and then we buy.

I met David at the UW Credit Union to open a joint account in order to manage our finances. I guess I will act as the accountant and guardian of the joint checking account. Afterwards, we run by Lucky's Bar for a pre-drink and then met John at the house. In all honesty, I went into that walk-through a little buzzed but that's usually how we really get things done.

The closing itself went rather quickly with mostly us signing packets among packets of documents and us joking around a little with all the parties involved. In the end, we handed over our certified check with all due at closing and became the new owners of the Drake Street house.

We return to Lucky's for a final toast before meeting up with Julie. Then it's off to the Churchkey Bar and ending our night at the Karaoke Kid. The karaoke was fun--haven't done that in a while. In our rendition of Neil Diamond's Coming to America, we won over a few people and I got to hanging out with a few fun girls and bringing them in for another song.

Activity: 3 | Energy: 3 | Friends: 3

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