Friday, December 30, 2005

Last Minute New Year's Plan

Somebody once told me that life happens when you don't plan. Either this is a terrible joke or quite the contrary. Fortunatly for me, it was the latter. It could not have been truer in the moment I put my order in for airfare to Boston. Just two days until New Year and my plan is to have no plan. I found a great price for tickets and an incredible rate for the four-star Boston Hilton at Logan International and then everything else kinda just fell into place.

Now I have not been out to Boston before for New Year's but this was just a good a time as any. Besides, Melissa and Aquene lived out that way and it's about time I paid them a visit.

Upon arriving at the airport, Dustin and I checked into the hotel and then headed straight out into the city. The first task was to figure out the subway and then stop for lunch. Boston's pride lay in their transportation system of subway trains, street cars and buses that pre-dates the system in New York. I found it a breeze to ride and the frequency of it all deserves an honorable mention.

At the Government Center station we stepped out into the historic city where this country has its roots. It's the very same city that rebelled against steep taxes by dumping tea into the harbor and let's not forget Paul Revere's famous ride for independence into the history that is America. A short walk from the stop was Quincy Market, an area now known for a quick bite and a variety of shopping destinations. We decided on lunch at Ames Plow Tavern. Just down a few steps underneath the shopping center above was the local drinking hole which had an atmosphere much like Cheers bar, where possibly everyone knew our names.

While a sandwich and chips did the trick, a glass of the Samuel Adams winter brew was quintessential Boston. Today is Dustin's birthday so I made sure we get a drink here and there. After lunch, we made our way toward Boston Commons, taking in a drink at each bar along the way. I even partook in a small order of sushi in the park. The holocaust memorial was an interesting site located just a hop away from the bar that was granted Boston's first liquor license, the Bell in Hand. Just next door was the Union Oyster House and the Green Dragon where we ended our bar hopping. Also nearby was an open air market where I made Dustin try some east coast oysters though admittedly, it did not make his taste. I, on the other hand, was already fond of them.

As you might imagine all that alcohol combined with little sleep sent us in for an early night. We did get up later of course, compelled by our own hungers, but alas found that Boston was mostly closed for the long night ahead.

Activity: 3 | Energy: 2 | Friends: 3

Faneuil Hall Boston


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