Saturday, October 29, 2005

Happenin' Halloween

The passing week has been a busy aberration of commitments. Kendo practice has taken precedence over social events and the academic forefront isn't letting up anytime soon. I had studied all night for an exam on Thursday followed by another on the next day. The theme for the trail end of the week was a lack of sleep, much caffeine, and an endless stack of study material.

Relieved that the barrage of exams had ended on Friday afternoon I went into work feeling much relieved. I began my evening sewing up my costume while juggling my work assignments. My plan was to sew all the accoutrements for the Robin, boy wonder costume before Stephanie's Halloween Party later tonight. Her theme this year was costumes that begin with the letter "R".

Once I finished my short shift I left DoIT to pick up Amber and we drove down to Steph's new place. Pardeeville Amber had rigged a box into a Rubik's cube for her costume. At the party, people went all out in their elaborate ensembles. There was Radioactive Man, Fallout Boy, the Red Ranger, and so much more. Our host, Stephanie, was dressed as a bloddy right-winged Republican. I must thank her for the great spread of food that she must've spent the better part of the day preparing. And I must not forget to mention the now infamous cider vodka that was last year's life of the party.

Later in the night, David and Julie dropped by and one can only guess what David was suppose to be. Also at the party was Max and Mollie, a newlywed couple whom I haven't seen in much too long. They're looking great and we joked around about me being the Asian Lamers--an attempt to infiltrate the family. Hey, for all intents and purposes, Max and Mollie are family in my book--ever since Max teaching me English...LOL!

All in all, everything was great. The food, the drinks, the people...the party turned out great. I really needed to get out of the self-imposed monastic recluse of my recent self. It's a simple reminder that there are things out there which concern more than the restricted sphere of academics and Kendo. There are friends. Lean one way and the world's off balance. As always, I have Steph to thank for such grateful invitation.

Halloween '05

Activity: 3 | Energy: 1 | Friends: 3

Halloween '05


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