Saturday, January 14, 2006

Flying Kites at Vilas

After my last night at DoIT, I decided to go out for a drink with David. Andre and Katie had come down from Milwaukee and I was "required" to stop by. I met up with them at the Karaoke Kid and was jolted by surprise when both Andre and David lifted me up on their shoulders in one drunken act. It was the usual karaoke fun and it turned out to be one of those late nights.

Unfortunate was the fact that I had to get up early for a snow kiting lesson. I went out to Vilas Park barely awaken and was just trying to keep it together. After a spout of morning air and the cool touch of the breeze, I was finally awaken. I partnered up with John and practiced launching and flying the kite. Because the wind had never really picked up, the whole lesson was a big letdown.

Toward the end, we moved our location just out past one of the Vilas ponds. A light steady wind finally began to blow so I rigged up with Amy to get a last bit of flying time before leaving.

Once David and Kelly came by, we went over to our new house on Drake Street. I had contacted the tenants earlier about a house showing for Kelly and her interest for next semester. It also gave us a meeting with the current tenant to go over a last bit of information.

Activity: 3 | Energy: 1 | Friends: 3

Amy Flying Kites at Vilas


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