Sunday, June 26, 2005

Pirate's Day

Early Friday, Diana and I shopped for a Pirate costume. With a few hours before work, I stopped by the lake for a little windsurfing. Frequent gusts of wind reaching 17 mph got my board planing. At times I was overpowered by the sail and went into the water to cool off. The Madison humidity is making for quite a hot summer.

After sixteen hours of work, I went home tired. I got about four hours of sleep before rushing to the lake for Pirate's Day. Once all us scallywags met up, Jessica split us up into teams. I, Guybrush Threepwood, became a bandit for the Rum Suckers. Our flagship was a sloop but I got paired with Lieutenant Dan in a tech. Our first clue sent us after the J-boat Spray. We caught sight of the ship out toward James Madison Park and chased after it. The scurvy dogs aboard caught us with an attack of water-balloons but we escaped with the second clue. Blimey!

Clue after clue sent us out all over the lake. To get one clue, I was sent to swim after a ship that had recently sunk. At the end of it, all ships were directed to attack Commodore Mike on an isle way out in the lake. The island was really just a pier they dragged out the night before, a fun floating hangout to drink and socialize.

Michelle, the Captain of the Pillage People, led her team to victory by finding the treasure--a large ammunition chest of chocolate coins. With the treasure hunt over, water battles fought and won, it was time to return all ships to pier. What followed was a grand cook out and club sponsored kegs of beer. I had just the most incredible time.

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Pirate's Day

Weekly Horoscope: 06-26-2005

There has been a lot of activity in your sign recently, Fei, but things are going to slow down this week. Mercury and Venus will be conjunct on Monday, which will really bring you clarity. Instead of being divided on a certain issue, you suddenly find yourself united on all fronts. You know what you have to do and which path will be best for your happiness and those around you. Mercury moves into Leo on Monday and Venus joins it on Tuesday; this is going to bring you a chance to look more closely at your personal financial situation. You may have a shopping list of things you would like to purchase, and this is your chance to splash out on a few luxuries for yourself and to research where you can get them at a good price. It is also a great time to find out more about any money-saving ideas or investments that could help you make the most of your financial situation. There is still a lot of emphasis on your career, giving you the courage to make changes and to advertise yourself more. You have been distinctly reticent about this lately. The Sun trines Uranus on Saturday, which will bring an unexpected but fascinating piece of information your way.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Dark Water

It's dark. As I slowly rub weary eyes I find myself lured to the dim green glow of the alarm. The clock reads twelve midnight. How long have I been out? It couldn't have been long. As thoughts swirl around back in my head, I can remember now that less than 2 hours have passed since I dozed off. A week of windsurfing had taking its toll along with a lack of sleep. For the past few nights, my sleep had been at the mercy of the dream world. Thoughts not easily shed and dreams indescribable yet strangely unforgettable. I feel so powerless and it keeps me up.

This last night, not able to sleep, I gathered up a stack of overdue books to return to College Library. I take them to the drop off slot because it's two in the morning and only a few people can be seen stumbling around, presumably returning from a night at the bar.

The early morning had a cool warmth about it so I put on a jacket and walked the short path down to the Union Terrace. Though the lights were still on, just one table is left occupied with kids talking too loudly for the night stillness. I don't listen so I continue my walk. At the foot of the path are rocks that descend into the lake. I sit there a while to think about what I'm doing up. I can't sleep I guess.

In the darkness of the lake, a few ducks have flown in for a landing. They glide gracefully along the gentle night tide making less noise than the terrace kids. I look into the distance across the lake and found the familiar flashing red light of the Oscar Meyer smoke stack. As I look up at the sky I catch the short streak of a brilliant flare. It was probably the reflection off a low orbit satellite or the International Space Station. It was beautiful--a heavenly sign.

Walking a little further I reach an area marked for swimming. At this hour, no one was swimming of course so the dark waters lay calm, slightly sparkling only by the reflection of the colorful terrace lights. I sat a while to think about what I'm doing up. The quiet serenity is abruptly interrupted by a large splash in the distance. It made a sound such as someone swashing in the water for help and then it was gone. I didn't make much of it until it came back again moments later. And then again another pass and I called out to make sure it's not actually someone in need of help. In the shadow of twilight, the noise stops and it becomes still once more.

I later found out it was a large fish hunting the early prey. The truth is the drowning image stuck and I realize how the water has been an integral part of recent dreams. I'm not scared, no. It is something else....

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Soma at Sunset

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Wingsday '05 Wingnut

Monday morning came off with little fanfare. We celebrated Father's Day, yesterday, on the quiet side with family dinner and a gift. Diana and I had bought Dad a Samsung Portable DVD Player--as if he doesn't already have too many tech toys, but he really liked this one.

At just an hour past noon, I went down to the lake for some windsurfing before Kendo pratice. Sadly, much like the calm weekend, the wind blew over a little more than ripples across the lake. Not enough to windsurf on.

Michelle was on the lakefront by herself assembling the club's new windsurfing boards. Larger, though perhaps lighter than the Melodies, the German made Mambo and Motion boards looked sharp. I told her that I'd lend a hand after I decide whether or not I wanted to go out on the water.

In the tunnel, I signed up for a Sloop lesson since one was heading out and I needed a rating on the boat. I had never taken a lesson with Jessica but soon found her a fun instructor. Out on the lake, we practiced man-overboard drills and I volunteered to be the man overboard. That means I jump in the water, the skipper and crew get to pull me into the boat. Ha!, treading water on a hot day--not what I had planned but it'll do.

Nearing the end of the lesson the wind started picking up. There was some excitement at the windsurfing pier as a group was rigging up and getting ready to go out. As soon as the Sloop landed, I got anxious to join the windsurfers on their quest to catch the wind. I saw Rui fly out there on a board and he reminded me about tonight's Wingsday. Of course!

I rigged up my board as fast as I could. I chose a 6.5 sail confident I could control its power. From the moment I uphauled and pointed the board where I wanted to go, the Melody board slashed through the water and had me flying. Out past the mooring field, I joined the other guys, catching wind and getting the board to plane. As quickly as it had come, the wind began to die--really, there was no more. A lot of us tried to surf back but it was pretty dire. Joining others I unrigged, strapped the sail to my back and swam towards shore.

By the time I reached the windsurfing deck my arms were exhausted. I was one of the first to get back so I helped the others get their sails up. Some of the people caught out in the middle of the lake had to be brought back in by motor boat. With sunset about an hour away, I helped put together the new boards and cleaned up all the trash in the area.

With no place to shower I headed directly to Lucky's Bar. Steph was the first to arrive on the scene. And what appears now to be a new tradition, first set by her father, we put in for a pre-wing order. Soon some of the Scuba guys started to show up including Mick and Rui and then Chen and Kristen. It wouldn't have been a Wingsday if James didn't show up, but of course he did along with Metzger and Kevin. Matt and Adriana dropped by to round us out and orders upon orders of buffalo hot wings came and then went. The Scuba guys seemed to be having fun, despite thinking it was a digusting practice at first. At the end of the night, we consumed a total of 112 wings. The new addition brings us to a grand total of 3,800 with 4,000 in sight. A new chapter is being written. Ahh, yes, a taste of victory.

Wingsday '05 Wingnut
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Wingsday '05 Wingnut

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Hobo Fishing

Up early again on a Saturday morning, I met April up at the Capital Square to promote an upcoming Hoofer Sailing Kickoff. We're running a promotion of $10 off for new members who sign up at the meeting. I didn't mind the short work since it was such a beautiful day for the Farmer's Market. Once we wrapped everything up, I talked to April about going windsurfing. After taking off to get my bike I met her down by the boathouse. Unfortunately, a dead wind day kept most people grounded.

David had called earlier about having lunch at the Union Terrace. We just hung out there for a few lazy hours to eat and then beers. Giving it some thought, we decided to buy fishing licenses and spend the better part of the day catching fish. We picked up Kelly and went out West to Wal-mart. There, it was easy to pickup a license and pole shop. I bought a Shakespeare® Batman™ Rod and Reel Combo kit for the budding fisherman like myself. David went about it in a prepared method and bought the hooks and tackle.

Our first fishing spot was pretty lame. Not one bite, only weeds. In a spot adjacent to ours, a few kids were playing around when one kid yelled at another to "stop fishing like a hobo!" Be it my first fishing trip in a long while, it made us all laugh and put ideas in our head for the rest of the day.

Lake Wingra shares a shore with the Henry Vilas Zoo and a watershed opens up to a few small ponds in the park just outside the zoo. These shallow havens had a wealth of small pan fish and I saw a few turtles and large carp. Although I would catch a few tiny fish here, the boredom started to set in. I would cast out a few but mainly I dangled my line into the water where I could see the fish and then try to snag it--later referred to as the Hobo Method. On one cast my line broke and sent my bobber out into the middle of the pond. I was dared to jump in to retrieve it, and since I could not turn down a dare, I ran into the weed infested murk. I had no trouble recovering the bobber, a total success.

With a few hours until sunset, we took a break for some food before heading over to Lake Mendota. Out at the Hoofers Tech Pier, we plopped down at the end and set up our reels. Since it was a dead wind day, only a few boats were going out. A few casts out into the lake and a bite came instantly. So far, all our catches had been for release. Here, bigger fish found their way to our hooks and we kept the largest of the catch.

After fishing, I went home to shower. I reminded Dad that today was the one year anniversary of moving into our new house. By late night, I picked up David and Matt to go bar hopping. We stopped in at the Plaza Tavern to say hi to Sita before going to Matt's choice, the Pub. There, I ran into my high school buddies Kyle and Jesse. Kyle had just returned from living in Mexico for the last few years. Of course they notice the sailor hat and lay mention to the matching loafers.

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Hobo Fishing

Weekly Horoscope: 06-19-2005

The Sun moves into your very own sign on Tuesday, Fei, marking the Summer Solstice! It also brings more light and clarity to you, enabling you to identify with those things you want to express. You may feel it's high time to put the spotlight on your image and decide to change the way you look. Perhaps not drastically, but in keeping with the environment you are a part of. There is also going to be a Full Moon in Capricorn on Wednesday and this will highlight your relationships with others and perhaps put you in a more emotional mood than usual. Needless to say this isn't the best time to make a snap decision, as you won't want to do anything you might regret later. Leave big issues for a day or two to sort themselves out. Mars opposes Jupiter on Saturday and Venus conjuncts Saturn, so you may find that you are in a strange mood. You very much want to forge ahead with issues associated with your career, and perhaps take a leap into the unknown. But fears about whether you are really capable enough or not may get in the way of such a decision. On Sunday, Mercury also conjuncts Saturn so you will have to move beyond your fears with regard to one important conversation.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Early Beginning

The dinner and scuba social from the night before had put me to sleep early. I was up and awake by six in the morning and completed a few small tasks before going into work. At DoIT I was witness to Kelly in training for her new position as Tech Manager. That alone was well worth the early morning trade.

Afternoon, I biked down to Hoofers for some windsurfing. For most of the week, winds from the North had blown over a mass of algae and debris to our side of shore. Falling into the warm water was refreshing but a little on the disgusting side. Falling, however, could not be helped as I struggled a few times uphauling with my weakened wrist. After a week of no play, a little pain for riding the waves was worth the pay.

There was little time to shower before going into Kendo practice so I went directly there still smelling of lake. Under the protection of my armor, the stink was confined to a condense space inside the headpiece, however, I kept the distraction in the back of my mind as I prepared for combat. Aoyama-san, who is returning to Japan next week, gave me a small handicap. He decided that we could go in short bouts, taking small breaks in between points. This worked out because adrenaline is a great mask of pain.

With practice over, I got cleaned up and went down to the Hoofer Sailing Social. Tonight's food was a grilled serving of roast pork, a delicious Caesar salad, and watermelon. A DJ was on site mixing up tunes and good times were being with a sun setting over the lake front. Brock and I had fun talking to our new friend Rui, who I had met last night at the Scuba social. We mainly chatted about windsurfing of course!

The fun-filled day was almost all but over until some of us decided to go check out the new movie Batman Begins. At University Square Theater, we sat back to a cold mug of beer and enjoyed the making of the Bat.

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Cooking at the Hoofer Sailing Social

Friday, June 17, 2005

Almost Surf and Turf

At midday I had just enough energy to go shopping and run errands with Diana. Later in the day she planned to attend a service for a friend and I offered the afternoon distraction. Trevor, a classmate who was involved in a boating accident, had recently passed away. I can see how it has an impact for the students of Madison East after having just started their summer vacation. At seventeen years old mortality, when it's close, is quite a realization.

When I returned home I started to slowly get back into a workout. The wrist feels better so I must return to Kendo practice. Also, I am anxious to get back out on the water for some sailing. Tonight I would make sure to meet Stephanie for the much hyped Surf and Turf dinner. Not sure where we could get the combo course, we agreed on Fitch's Chophouse in Fitchburg because of the excellent steak choices. Indeed, the steak was delicious. Unfortunately, they no longer offered a Surf and Turf meal so we improvised with seafood sides.

Plans for a real Surf and Turf are in the works...

After dinner we swung by the Union Terrace for the Hoofer Scuba social. I met some great fun-loving people and invited them to an upcoming Wingsday.

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Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.
-Steve Jobs

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Year One

I have seen a year go by since one fateful summer wedding under the sweltering Las Vegas sun. My roommate (at the time) James and I had flown in for the wedding of our friends, Max and Mollie. Little did we know that the small world we lived in was to come around full circle. In this eventful week of union and matrimony I first became acquainted with companions I can call friends for life. This meeting was a culmination of only degrees apart from which our worlds would cross.


By early evening we got the call to meet up with the wedding party. It was slow going for James and I since our conquest over the Excalibur's Round Table Buffet. We had eaten in excess to a point of intoxication as we stumbled from casino to hotel to rendezvous at the Bellagio. At the top of the taxi filled driveway was Max, Mollie, and company. Though we were a bit late, FeiTime dictated otherwise. It was in this moment that I was introduced to Max's brother Zack and Kramer and I got acquainted with Stephanie and Sita. As far as greetings go, the five of us just hit it out of the park. There was not a thing to worry about in the world.

The night picked up quickly as we made our way to the Olympic Garden followed by a move downtown. The lights of Las Vegas shrouded the presence of late night as we continued to rock til early morning. At one point, we convened at the Lady Luck to play craps. Though James and I were new to the game, we quickly learned at the cost of the gambling cash in hand. Once all of us had thrown all our money to the house, we just stood around and talked. I had been randomly singing all night and the Big Red jingle had crept into my head. Just as soon as I began singing, my group of inebriated companions had joined in. We were rockstars and partying so. Not gambling and making noise of course would warrant casino staff to warn us about being kicked out. So what do we do? We make a pact--a consensual agreement to party until there was no more party.

We would not let the pact down as all of us got together the next day for the wedding. It just picked up from the morning earlier and progressed to a night of drinking and dancing. We took a literal breather at an O2 Oxygen Bar before heading up the Coyote Ugly. It was a time to get retarded as the ladies made the way on stage with Mollie dancing in her wedding dress and taking shots from the Coyotes. There was no end to the night as the party continued til dawn.

Back to the present...

A year has passed and much has changed indeed. Few changes great, some lame--throughout it all we've been there for each other. Struggles and pettiness cannot deter our capacity to rock. We will not fail the pact.

Rockstar Year One
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Rockstar Las Vegas

Thus nature has no love for solitude, and always leans, as it were, on some support; and the sweetest support is found in the most intimate friendship.
- Cicero

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Weekly Horoscope: 06-12-2005

Mercury, Venus and Saturn are currently moving through your sign, Fei, and bringing you a chance to get moving on certain issues. You are more connected to your real feelings about the events shaping your life. The fact that Uranus turns retrograde in Pisces is also going to encourage you to take a deeper look within your own soul, and to think about what you really do want for yourself and your future. This may also involve looking at your beliefs and seeing how they affect you on a day-to-day basis. Take it easy on Monday when the Sun in Gemini opposes Pluto in your sixth house of work and lifestyle. You may come up against a crisis of faith or conscience and need to make the right decision for all involved, including yourself, in order to set matters right. Mercury squares Jupiter on Wednesday, encouraging you to entertain a few new ideas about your home and family life and ways in which you might expand your options in this regard. Mercury trines Uranus on Thursday, which may coincide with a revelation concerning your next steps in one important matter.

Saturday, June 11, 2005


Tuesday night, Carilyn and I had taken out a 420 to practice roll tacks for more efficient sailing. Though I didn't feel it immediately afterwards, I woke up the next morning with a sprained wrist. Not able to type much let alone sail. Also, no Kendo for a week. :(

I'm so useless.
Now I'm at work for the long haul.

My Work Review...

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Wingsday '05 Megadarts

Monday morning I tied up a lot of loose ends. There were so many things that I was meaning to do and I had put them off for far too long. With a satisfied feeling of accomplishment I left for Kendo practice. I hadn't gone in for a week with the long work schedule and was in dire need to work out. Fortunately for me I got to practice with Rick, the club's most senior student. He worked with me and pointed out the weakness in my stance and strike. Now I know what I must really concentrate on.

I got cleaned up after practice and met Steph at Lucky's Bar for a Wingsday. We started off with a small order until Sita and Bart came by after their Kickball game. When David, Matt, and Adriana stopped in, we put in for another order. Lastly, James came by after work and became a new closer of the wings celebrity. Because our last order was not to satisfaction, our complaints to the manager had awarded us a round of beers. Rock on!

Once the crew finished eating wings, a fun game of cutthroat darts started up. David paired up with Stephanie, Matt teamed with Sita, and I with Adriana. What started out as a friendly game quickly grew to a competitive team against team, throwing opposite hand, dart game. Even though Adriana and I became the losing frontrunners, several shots of bullseye caught us up, put us in the lead, and eventually my team came up victorious.

At the end of the night, I declare it another successful Wingsday.

Wingsday '05 Megadarts
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022505 (I)

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Wingsday '05 Megadarts

Rough Waters

On the way home from camping we stopped for breakfast in Sauk City. Although we were dirty and probably quite smelly, the folks at Leystra's Venture Restaurant served us still with a half-hearted smile and tender greetings.

Back in the Mad City the weather was beautiful. I headed down to the lake right away and rigged up a board for windsurfing. At first glance it looked to be light winds from the South. Once I cleared the mooring field there were pockets of anything from 20-30 mph gusts of wind out on the water. Like other windsurfers out, every so often, a powerful gust would knock me into the lake if not already being thrown off by the capping, choppy waves. The Southerly wind made it incredibly hard to come in and it took me almost an hour to reach the pier.

After taking a short break to catch my breath I joined a 420 lesson heading out. The instructor, John, had paired us up so that each boat had a seasoned sailor and a novice. I was paired up with Kyle who had joined the club only a month ago. Though John was very much hesitant about taking us out on a heavy wind day, he felt that it would be a lot more fun to learn on the boats rather than talk theory in the classroom. However, learning out on the water in heavy winds could very well lead to a matter of survival John warned.

Kyle and I were the first to take our boats out and quickly picked up speed. We blazed by the mooring field and headed out to picnic point. Once we got out far enough we put the 420 in the safety position to wait for the others. With such gusty winds even the safety position took a lot of adjustment to keep us steady.

Once the group met up we let our sail out and began sailing again. In every bit of speed increase the crash against the chopping waves became more intense. At one point in a jibe the nose of the 420 dived into the lake and we took in enough water to fill the boat. Here we were sinking and floundering in water. The wind was relentless in tossing around our mainsail so we had to take it down. With the hull almost completely in the water we had to do something real quick. Kyle and I grabbed the hiking straps and leaned out to tip the boat on its side and let the water pour out. Once most of the water cleared we had to instantly jump back onto the other side before the boat could capsize completely.

With the immediate problem of sinking out of the way, we had to get the sail back up in such heavy conditions. Although we had bailed out most of the water, the swells slamming us hard were slowly beginning to fill the boat. The jib in front was getting enough wind to push us further out into the lake. I made a decision to try turning us around as to face Hoofers so that if anything were to happen at least someone would see us. For the moment, the primary concern was to get our mainsail back up. I took to the stern to balance Kyle's weight at the bow.

Still, the winds slapped us around while waves slammed us hard starboardside. From the rear I saw the bright yellowish orange light of the sun riding the wave reflection with the sounds of the swirling wind all around. The flapping mainsail struggled on the uphaul in the fierce wind but we managed to get it up. My God, this was one of those sailing moments that makes you or brakes you.

With the mainsail up we could sail back in. On approach we found out that the other boats in our group had taken in too much water as well. Even John's boat was nearly un-sailable before he took it in. The other boat had capsized before they could steady it enough to get back. In the end, John was right about it being a matter of survival, however, we learned a lot about rigging up in heavy winds while on the water. I could not have asked for anything more.

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A 420 with the Sunsetting

Monday, June 06, 2005

Rockstar Camping '05 Devil's Lake

Friday afternoon was spent on my new found love of windsurfing. Light winds allowed me to practice my tacks and jibs until early evening. When Brock came back in from the lake I had asked him to work my overnight shifts so that I could go camping for the weekend. He agreed. Thanks dude.

As I unrigged my board Stephen came down to the rigging deck with an order of Mediterranean Cafe and we just chilled a bit and ate up. By now the Friday night social was beginning to assemble so I greeted the few people that I am acquainted with.

I showered up while getting ready to go to Devil's Lake. There wasn't a great deal of packing to do since Stephanie and Sita seemed to have all of it done. James put away a few things in his truck and we took the short drive to Baraboo convening at the Ranger Station. The campsite we got was oddly fun. Apparently the campground folks had just started a program of teepee sites of which there were only two thus far. We were lucky to have one of them. The teepee was constructed on a level surface of plastic wood like material situated on a very spacious site. Large wooden poles joined at the top to form a cone enclosure and a surface layer of canvas made for cover. What was unique was the hole at the top that we were warned about if it were to rain.

Since it was getting dark out James and I picked up some firewood while the ladies setup an emergency tent (in case it were to rain) and prepared the grill for dinner. My night would end shortly due to fatigue and the mix of food and alcohol consumption as I lazily fell asleep by the fire and then crawled into the teepee.

The next morning went by fairly fast though everything was taken very leisurely. We had breakfast of egg sandwiches. Mostly we sat around the teepee talking and laughing and then laid about on a rock for hours. The large boulder, pushed about for thousands of years by glaciers, was given the name Beth and we enjoyed her company so. Later, when we felt like getting up, we took an excursion down to Devil's Lake. I went for a quick swim as my fellow Rockstars laid out in the sun.

We returned to the campsite by dinner time and cooked up what was left of the food. John and Diane came by from their bike ride and joined us for the night. As a side note, John and I tested the feasibility of cooking an egg in the fire pit. What we learned was that it is entirely possible if not put in the direct heat.

Past midnight a storm was brewing in the sky. Claps of thunder could be heard in the distance so I packed away things inside the teepee. We sat out around the fire until only moments before the rain would fall. John and Diane took to the tent as we scrambled into the teepee. As we were warned, rain fell inside through the hole at the top but to only a small extent, mostly dripping down the poles. I kept my things under the cot to keep it dry.

When the storm hit the hardest in our area, strong winds slapped around our canvas door as I struggled to tie it down. Once under control by small ties, no more than an hour had passed when John came knocking. The powerful winds were blowing away the tent in which they slept. James and I went outside to help put everything away and just like that, we had taken in a few more occupants inside the damp teepee. Though the storm would continue to pound the teepee with its might throughout the night, I still fell into a good sleep.

Rockstar Camping '05 Devil's Lake

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Rockstar Camping '05 Devil's Lake

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Weekly Horoscope: 06-05-2005

There is a New Moon in Gemini at the start of the week, Fei, in the section of your chart associated with the unconscious mind and mystical insights. This is an excellent time to begin keeping a dream diary and to keep track of your dreams on a daily basis. They have so much guidance and wisdom to impart. You have two weeks to put this into action. There seems to be a lot of activity in this area in general. Mercury opposes Pluto on Tuesday, which could coincide with an interesting slip of the tongue. This could be a conversation that changes direction and seems to flow from an unknown source, as though it's not you who is directing and controlling the words. There's probably not a lot you can do except to notice what you were feeling deep inside at the time. On Wednesday the Sun trines Neptune, making for a very dreamy day. You will be in an intuitive mood and open to the many impressions, moods and feelings that may come your way. You do need to filter these and determine which belong to you and which have been picked up from others. Mars moves into Aries on Saturday, which is going to activate your career and stir things up for you. Get moving and be bold!

Friday, June 03, 2005


Wednesday morning broke in a busy yet eventful day. I woke up early to help Stephanie and her brother move things to their new apartment. It wasn't much work but by afternoon winds started picking up. Once I left them to unpack, I picked up Kelly from work for some day sailing.

When we got to the boathouse we ran into Stephen and his sister. Together we rigged up our boats and headed out. Once we past the mooring field I let Kelly take the helm heading downwind. Suddenly, a wind shift took us into an uncontrolled jib, overpowering her, and sent us going in circles. What made matters worse during the commotion was how the tiller had gotten stuck under her life jacket. I had to muster muscle strength to fight the boom from knocking Kelly into the water until she could free herself. After taking control I sent us on an easy course, a few times going upwind to show her how to hike out. Mostly we chatted and caught up on things.

With sailing done for the day Stephen joined us for a beer at the Union Terrace. We sat on the steps descending into the lake so to enjoy the breeze. The Terrace in the summer is a bustling place for get-togethers. Families took their dogs to play and cool off in the water. We sat for a good time just watching the dogs swim around. Once Kelly had to leave, Stephen and I went out for a round of windsurfing.

Following an eventful day I slept in a good bit before heading out to the lake. There, I wasted no time rigging up. Upon heading out, I encountered a Korean girl who had dropped her keys into the water at the pier and was trying to fish it out. On a sunny day such as this, the small glimmer in the murky water marked its location, approximately nine to ten feet to the bottom. In early June, Lake Mendota is still quite cool so I offered to help. Fishing out the keys produced little result so I jumped in and reclaimed it in one dive. Thankful, she helped me lower my boat in the water.

In these light wind conditions I choose a leisurely course to the East end, toward James Madison Park. On the return approach I had the wind to my back and put the boat in a slow running position. By the time I made it back to Hoofers, Michelle had already rigged up for the day's windsurfing. I quickly picked out a sail, a 5.5m, larger than any I had taken before. Out on the lake the evening wind began to pick up and great gusts of wind had us flying. I worked mostly on correcting my stance and found a more comfortable position favoring speed. Sadly, I have much work ahead for improving my turns.

I left for dinner with the sun setting . Tonight was my first time dining at Dotty Dumplings since their re-location. The atmosphere is very comforting especially after an exhaustive day. The burgers were even more incredible and I probably ate much more than I should have. On the way to the restaurant I heard my name called. Kelly and David were at the Vintage for drinks and I would join them later for some singing at Karaoke Kid.

Though the last few days have been packed full, it's like this feeling of running and I don't want to stop.

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No Feeding the Ducks

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


The last few days of work had been a stagnancy. Hours upon hours of sitting around, an antithesis of a week before. Of the two long sixteen hour days I can recall going into work with the sun in the West and leaving in the morning as it raised in the East, missing out on the night. Those nights were spent under the sporadic flicker of fluorescent lights.

There's nearly 6.5 billion people in the world, an estimated 600 million could be online at any given time. Email, chatrooms, cell phones, all of it a grand network of communication capacity. Even out of the 60,000 plus potential callers at the University, I sat alone at my cubicle without a word. Though I would receive a call ere twilight, I was still very much isolated from the world.

Today I had gone into DoIT for short afternoon work. I got off by early evening and dashed off to the lake. There were yet several more hours until sunset. After rigging my boat I noticed my buddy Stephen teaching a Tech class, his first as an instructor. I acknowledged him with a greeting and headed out.

Past the mooring field were great pockets of wind, perfect for hiking out against the force of the soaring craft. What a feeling. This is where I needed to be, not seated up against a computer screen hours on end. This was my freedom--flying against the weight of gravity. And just like this, I came back into the world.

Once I had my fun I set my course for a small group of boats in the distance. Upon approach I could see it was Stephen out there with his lesson. Though it was a small class, his students sailed all about the lake without direction. One girl in particular was all over the place. On her jibs downwind she would dodge and just narrowly miss the boom from knocking her into the water. Because she was out of instruction's reach I sailed in close to offer help. I gave her some pointers on controlling the boat on the turn but after being thrown about a few more times, she called it a day and I sailed alongside to take her in.

I unrigged while Stephen finished his lesson. In one loud moment, the steam whistle blew foretelling nightfall in an hour's time. We picked up a couple of beers and drank out on the rigging pier, jutted slightly out onto the lake. With the sun slowly drawing in the last moments of light, the uncontrollable force of nature had literally turned day into night--a subtle reminder of our own inability to control change.

041005 (H)

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Sunset Along the Terrace

The Sun by Maroon 5

After school
Walking home
Fresh dirt under my fingernails
And I can smell hot asphalt
Cars screech to a halt to let me pass
And I cannot remember
What life was like through photographs
Trying to recreate images life gives us from our past

And sometimes it's a sad song

But I cannot forget
Refuse to regret
So glad I met you
Take my breath away
Make everyday
Worth all of the pain that I have
Gone through
And mama I've been cryin'
Cause things ain't how they used to be
She said the battles almost won
And we're only several miles from the sun