Sunday, May 29, 2005

Weekly Horoscope: 05-29-2005

Venus moves into your sign on Friday, but until then it stays in Gemini along with Mercury and the Sun. This puts the emphasis on the subtler side of your life. It also brings with it a chance to reflect deeply on how you create your own experience. Monday is a positive day that might be good for spending time at home and enjoying your own company. Entertaining will also go well as you will be feeling your best. Tuesday is not so great - you may find yourself involved in a conflict involving your beliefs - but you may also come to a powerful realization. Thursday is one time you don't want to get too involved in any argument. Mars squares Pluto and Mercury squares Uranus, which is not very helpful for reaching a general understanding with others. Issues at work may come to a head and talking may only make it worse. Try to let go and not push for a resolution. It will be a lot easier to reach an agreement within a few days. Venus in your sign from Friday makes you feel good and brings a touch of charisma to your life. You'll feel much better!

eMac: May I take your Order?

Not much new for today. I'm about midway through my concentrated compact work week. Tonight, out of boredom, Brock and I wrote a script on the eMac to order out for Chinese food. While the speech driven Macintosh Computer made the call to Jade Garden, we sat back in awe of the flawless interaction between Bruce, our computer voice, and the Chinese Lady on the phone. The food order was taken successfully and arrived in record time.

Bruce: One order of Pork Egg Foo Young.
Bruce: And one order of Shrimp Mei Fun.

Lady: Your order will be ready in 15-20 minutes...

Bruce: Thank you very much sir or madam. :)

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Friday, May 27, 2005


With a wee bit of sleep I woke up and left for the lake to meet Brock for windsurfing lessons. After some tries on the simulator we suited up and went out on the water. A few tumbles in the lake was reward for getting the feel and balance of board and sail. A steady strong wind from the West made it a chore to uphaul the sail after each fall. The body went into fatigue mode with time spent sprawled out on the board. At one point the wind picked up pretty good and the blue flag was raised. Heavy wind conditions. Dark clouds moving in signaled a storm system coming our way. The choppy waves on the water made it hard to ride back on the board and Stephen came by to pick us up in a motor boat.

By the time I arrived at the pier I was already very much late for work. I jumped on my bike and dashed off for DoIT in my frigid wet condition. Since work was fairly slow I took a short break to change into dry clothes. Critial Error: I forgot to pack underwear! :(

So now I'm sitting here at work without me skivvies, skin still shaking in cold, and scheduled to work a 16 hour shift. When I'll be done I'll have about 4 hours to sleep before going back out there for more windsurfing. I'll follow up by working another 16 hours and alas, sleep.

Activity: 3 | Energy: 2 | Friends: 3

Windy day on the lake

Thursday, May 26, 2005


04 01 05 05 17 05 01 06 05 11 21 04
12 04 04 02 25 05 01 01 05 12 19 04
03 13 05 03 25 05 12 31 04 05 12 05
11 26 04 01 09 05 12 19 04 03 11 05


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Monday, May 23, 2005

All Good Things....

Early Sunday I got up dressed and ready to go by nine. I made the trip downtown on the most beautiful of May mornings. The sun came through the clear blue with little distraction and the birds chirped happily about. From the short walk from the parking lot towards Lake Street I could see the boats mooring in the distance--sleeping giants attuned to wave motion. I met Stephen at his apartment for a small breakfast before going to church.

When we got to St. Paul's University Catholic Center we were greeted with friendly smiles and abundant handshakes. It was a warm reception for me who had only wanted to see what it was all about. In my introduction to Mass I noticed across the way Prof. Narciso in the front. He was in attendance with his wife. Once service was over I went home to wake up Diana, another sleeping giant.

I took my younger sister out for lunch at the Badgerland Bar & Grill before running small errands. We came back downtown for a nice day sail but winds had picked up after noon and the blue flag was raised. The sun and sky was still very perfect but heavy winds had come in from the West. Wave and wind worked in unison, as if on queue, to capsize a tech at the pier. I went out there to check out the commotion and saw a handful of heavy wind testouts.

Since this was my first blue flag day of the season I signed up on the spot for my testout. Stephen had signed on as well so we took turns jibing and tacking the powerful force along the wind clock. After a successful capsize and landing both he and I were awarded with our heavy ratings. Once I returned to the pier I had Diana get in the boat and we went out riding on the choppy waves. It was an exhilarating feeling of flying through the water in 25 mph winds and hiking out to balance the force of the sail. Once back on land I started folding my mainsail when I ran into Ryan and her husband returning from the lake. Apparently the rough winds had knocked them into the early-season cold waters.

After taking my sister home I got cleaned up and had a bit of time before going into work. I met up with David at the Union Terrace for a drink and talk. A little later Kelly dropped by as we chatted about the weekend. With the early evening the winds calmed and chirping birds now replaced by chatty patrons. By now the splendor of the Madison sunset was looming. It's really a shame that all good things must come to an end.

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Sunset at the Pier

Nothing is forever.
And the time comes when we must all say goodbye to the world we knew--
Goodbye to everything we had taken for granted.
Goodbye to those we thought would never abandon us.

And when these changes finally do occur,
when the familiar has departed
and the unfamiliar has taken its place.
All any of us can really do is to say hello
and welcome.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Baseball Bar Hopping

Saturday evening Hoofer Sailing was offering a new Tech B lesson which went into Sloop Theory (a boat rigged with mainsail and headsail). We discussed the center of effort (CE) on a sail and the center of lateral resistance (CLR) on the center board and the theory behind the mechanics for better sailing. Afterwards Tristan had tested us out for our Tech Plus rating. Easy.

I went home to shower and had dinner with Dad, Diana, and Austin. Not long after, Charlie had called me about coming down to Madison. Apparently both him and Andre had made the trip and the key message was to "bring Starter jacket."

As soon as I made it into the Plaza Tavern a batting glove was shoved onto my hand. I guess this was a new thing--a Baseball Night. Everyone had drinks in hand and slapping high fives with the other. In the special case of James, both hands were occupied by drinks yet that slowed him little with high fives. When I came to high five Matt, I had then noticed that he was wearing no shirt and the only thing covering his top half were shoulder pads...funny. Along the line of high fiving we tried the group huddle and decided to eventually leave the bar.

Once outside David asks about the Starter jacket. Not the one to spoil the party I fetched it from the car. When the lot of us tried to enter Hawk's Bar they wouldn't let Matt in without a shirt. So on came the jacket over Matt's pads--it's just something you have to see. Shoo'ed away we headed to the City Bar where they not only let us in, many had taken to the Man with the Starter jacket.

Baseball Night '05

Activity: 3 | Energy: 3 | Friends: 3

Baseball Night

Weekly Horoscope: 05-22-2005

In certain respects you are more active this week, Fei, and in other ways you are far quieter. Mars and Uranus in Pisces means that you have big dreams and are doing as much as possible to bring them into reality. The Sun and Venus in Gemini also indicates that you have access to the deeper layers and levels of reality, which is important if you want to change your approach to certain matters on a subtle basis. There is a Full Moon in Sagittarius on Monday, and this is going to bring a great deal of humor to any situation in which you find yourself involved. With your capacity to enjoy a good laugh, this is likely to make itself known at work when serious matters may strike you as being very funny. Wednesday is a bit more serious as Mercury sextiles Saturn and this brings with it a chance to hold a serious conversation with a friend, or perhaps a business meeting with a new associate. You will want to make a commitment and will certainly know what you want at this time. On Wednesday the Moon conjuncts Pluto and adds a touch of intensity to your mood. Try not to be too pushy; it won't help.

Saturday, May 21, 2005


In the first waking moments, I glanced outside to find the sun shining. I showered quickly and got down to the lake. Brock was already there so we took out a Tech so that I could teach him a thing or two about sailing. I took us past the mooring field in the direction of Picnic Point. Once Brock got his sea legs, I put him in control. Most importantly, I taught him about the wind clock, sail position, and how to sail tight in. He has a lesson tomorrow to get his Tech rating so this was all in good exercise.

The day was absolutely beautiful. There were few clouds in an otherwise clear blue sky. One could not ask for any better. Winds came out of the East-Northeast at 9 mph.

Once out of the water, I had to rush to Kendo practice. Eric worked basic drills with me to regain my stepping, distance and attack. With missing so much practice, I had regained old habits like projecting movement.

In weeks past I had grown weak. I will not stand for weakness. I needed the practice and I'm glad Eric had worked with me from the beginning to improve my Kendo. There is just no more room for the weak. Out! Out! All the energy today came out of the sun and I was recharged.

After practice, I quickly showered before heading back down to the lakefront for the Hoofer Sailing Social. It was fun. I met several new members and we shared sailing stories over dinner. I had not felt this surge of energy in so long. By sunset, a most beautiful scene unfolded on the horizon. The glistening waves took form by reflection of the setting sun.

Activity: 3 | Energy: 3 | Friends: 3

Fei and Brock at Hoofer Sailing Social

Friday, May 20, 2005

Revenge of the Sith

A lot of us had gone to the midnight showing of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith on Thursday. I had purchased tickets in advance and it was up to my brother Jon and I to go to the theater early to hold onto a row of seats. The movie was great though there was an abundance of cheesy lines to counter the incredible lightsaber battles. Perhaps this was the balance that the force was seeking.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Without giving anything away, the story follows Anakin Skywalker's path to the dark side of the force. And in a galaxy far, far away, ambition, it appears, can lead even the most innocent and good to evil. From the start of the prequel series, Master Yoda had warned "Fear is the path of the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." Though his caution was directed at the young Anakin, the advice is essential in our own galaxy.

The battle of Good versus Evil, Light and Dark are all the same dueling conflicts. There were many other themes such as teacher versus student, brother against brother, oppression under the guise of the republic, and the subjectivity of what is good. In the end, it came full circle to the idea of balance and warned against choosing extremes. Of course, this renders even the powerful Jedi useless since the galaxy no longer had a place for such selfless people. Much like the history of the Samurai (the ones who serve), the keepers of order would go into hiding. Perhaps one day, when necessary again, they will be called upon. And hidden away is a New Hope.

The movie got out late and the large crowds moved out of the parking lot at a dilapidated pace. When I got home, I took to sleep to be awaken only hours later by the Maytag repairman who came to service our washer. There was no returning to sleep so I met up Brock at the Union for a sail.

In other news, our Tuesday morning sail was broadcasted on NBC 15 Morning News. They were out on the lake to do a short segment on the Hoofer Sailing Club.

View News Segment

Activity: 3 | Energy: 3 | Friends: 3

Star Wars Episode III

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


By mid morning, I had already gone for a sail. Sleep was an edict of the fatigued body. When I woke up, there was little to do before going into work.

Work was fairly busy until dinner time. For my lunch break, I stopped in at Lincoln Elementary, by invitation, for the School Open House. My friend Sita is a teacher and she gave me the school tour of exhibits, grade by grade. It was in the gym that I ran into Professor Cahill perusing the demonstrations. The overall theme seemed to have something to do with diversity.

Tonight, Diana will be giving a speech about Community Service at her school. Since most of you--probably all of you--will not get the chance to hear it, I will present it here.

Community Service: Take Action!
by Diana

Ladies and Gentlemen, freshmen and seniors, students and faculty--
Tonight, I’d like to brief you on the history of community.

  • In some 30,000 years in the past, humanity formed some of the first complex communities to sustain each others’ survival.

  • In the last 3,000 years, cities of mankind again evolved to enhance a standard of living.

  • Within just some 300 years, a ship full of men and women had formed the first communities in the new world, free from tyranny.

  • In 2005, students of Madison East come together to talk about serving their community.

Throughout humanities’ short history, we see time and time again that community can prevail over any adversity. It is our commitment to service in the community that ensures our future. Neighbor helping neighbor, friend to friend, our affinity and kinship act as a basis for societal success.

What makes for good community service? It’s simple really.
It’s all a matter of action and reaction.

  • Reaction in the form of making a difference.

  • Reaction in seeing a significant change in a person’s life.

  • Reaction in becoming better brethren.

I quote Mother Teresa, a woman who gave her whole life to the cause.
She said “Love cannot remain by itself—it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action and that action is service.”

So I ask all of you today to commit yourselves to some community service. It does not have to be a grand act. It can be as simple as picking up the trash in and around your school. You can donate old clothes to a local charity. Or you may decide to participate in hosting a dinner for those who rarely get a home cooked meal. One way or another, TAKE ACTION.

By doing so you will participate in a legacy of human tradition. You will help advance humanity and the very thing that makes us human.
That is love. It is compassion.

As you sit here and listen to my speech, some of you are probably already thinking what you can do in your community. Some of you might be thinking what’s for dinner. For the second group, I don’t blame you. Dinner is important.

But for all of you, make it your own personal challenge to see what you can do for others. Without you, without your friends and family, the community does not exist.

By being here today, you’ve already made the first step.

  • In 2005, students of Madison East come together to talk about serving their community.

In the footnote of history, you are already serving.
Let us take that second step and the third.
Let us act and let the good re-act.

Community service is not given. It is by choice.
Make your choice heard in the time you have—
And it will be time that will remember you for it.

Thank you.

Activity: 3 | Energy: 2 | Friends: 3

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Early Morning Sails

I spent the wee hours of the early morning reading Digital Fortress. Like the Da Vinci Code it was hard to pull away from the reading.

Taking a break to check my email I had noticed the dawn coming in. The time for sleep had come and gone and I missed the slumbering part. Mike's email had asked if anyone wanted to go for an early morning sail. I packed a light bag and left for the Hoofer Sailing boathouse. When I got there, a few members had already started rigging up the Sloops for the water. I helped rig one up before heading out.

This morning had brought in a fair wind from the South. The air was still cool. Out on the lake, we glided alongside other morning sails. The UW Crew was out there doing drills. First sail of the season and I had gone out on a Sloop.

Activity: 3 | Energy: 2 | Friends: 3

Early Morning Sail

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Weekly Horoscope: 05-15-2005

This could be an interesting week, Fei, especially as Venus in Gemini is making some beautiful aspects, which will certainly put you in a good mood. On Tuesday, Venus trines Jupiter and you are more psychic than usual. You'll be more attuned to those around you in a very sensitive way. You will know what they are thinking but will also want to make them feel good. The nurturing you share with others will come back to you. Wednesday, Mercury in Pisces sextiles Uranus, while Venus squares it, and this gives you another chance to be the genius in the room and to make a great impression. There may be certain areas in which others disagree with you, but if you can bear to be just a little thick-skinned for a while, you may make some great new friends. The Sun moves into Gemini on Friday and joins Venus, so in certain areas of your life, you are likely to be freewheeling. Fate may have more of a hand in your personal everyday affairs. This week Neptune also turns retrograde in the joint financial section of your chart, which will help you to sort out illusion from truth over the coming weeks and months.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

High School Monarchy

Work was slow tonight. I started on a new book, Dan Brown's Digital Fortress, about the National Security Agency and an unbreakable code. The main plot revolves around the characters David Becker, a professor of languages and Susan Fletcher, a brilliant and beautiful cryptographer. Working for the NSA, Susan is one of America's top programmers. I respect that. In fact, I'm acquainted with one of Wisconsin's hottest woman programmers. ;)

More than midway past my shift, I took a lunch break to stop in at the Masonic Temple where East High was hosting Prom 2005. Diana and Austin were both nominated for Prom Court. I went to take pictures. Waiting around, I recognized my old counselor and Spanish teacher and of course they still remember me though it's been years since I've last seen them. A few of my sister's friends saw me and came by to say hi. They sure grow up fast. I still remember taking pictures for them on the sidelines of little league soccer and basketball games. Now, these kids are only a year from graduation and on the footstep of adulthood.

At half past the hour, the court procession was announced and each couple made their way to the stage. My dad and I stood out of the way to grab a good picture. When it came time to announce this year's class King and Queen, dad had to be told how it all works--how the kids nominate and elect the chosen. In a crowd of screaming teenagers, Austin was proclaimed Prom King. Moments later, an even bigger uproar came to the fore when Diana was elected Prom Queen. My dad, most likely unsure of what was taking place, calls mom and tells her that Diana had just made Queen.

Before leaving the dance hall, I ran into my old Spanish teacher. We spoke about what I was doing at the University and where my life was going. Despite the things I told her, I question the reality of it all. There's still plenty of time to figure all that out later. Tonight was Diana and Austin's night to shine.

Activity: 2 | Energy: 2 | Friends: 3

Prom King and Queen

Thursday, May 12, 2005


One could not ask for any better weather on Tuesday. From sunrise to sunset, Madison had a glow about it. This was of course a gift for a swift Wingsday recovery. By early evening I was chatting with Stephanie when the idea for steak dinner came up. With only that criteria in mind we decided to give J.T. Whitney's Pub and Brewery a try. The meal was good and the company great. I had a terrific time.

Today, however, change was in the air. What were blue skies had paled to gray. A cold wind had come in following a night's storm and dimmed the early summer glow. I could feel it--yes, an unwanted resolve. An ineffable feeling of one screaming at the top of his lungs...and not a sound. There is just no one to hear it.

Activity: 2 | Energy: 2 | Friends: 2

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Wingsday '05 Golembiewski's Last

Early in the night, I met up with Steph and her Dad at Lucky's Bar. Rick was on a bit of vacation from his work in Afghanistan and had some time to hang with us on a Wingsday night. A pre-wing appetizer of wings was shared between the three of us. Once spirits were lifted, I went out to pick up Brock, Hlavenka, and Ryan for their first Wingsday ever and fitting of course this being the first Wingsday of Summer.

It was funny that conversation had shifted in and out of the topic of Brock's HOT Mom. When David, Jenica, Metzger, and Matt got in, the topic came back to the method of wing counting but it was for naught. Wings were being counted and enjoyed nonetheless.

Sita had stopped by after her kickball game and then Golembiewski rolls in after work. This could well be his last Wingsday and it would go out with a bang. By now the count was already nearing the 100 mark, a number we haven't seen in many months.

When James and Brent came in after ending work, the last order was put in. With 134 wings for the night, this would bring us to the grand total of 3640. Amazing. Even more amazing was how a lit up red rubber ball could mean so much fun for the group as ball was bounced, drinks were spilled, and glasses broken. Eventually, we would have to leave but not before a toast to the inevitable great summer.

Wingsday '05 Golembiewski's Last
Gallery | Chart

Speaking of summer, I have prepared a video that documents some of the greatest moments for the Fei from last summer to the present. And so, I welcome you to the world premier of....

The Year of the Fei

Activity: 2 | Energy: 2 | Friends: 3

Wingsday '05 Golembiewski's Last

Monday, May 09, 2005

A Mother's Day Dinner

For Mother's Day, Diana and I planned out a simple dinner for our mum. In years past, I had always found myself busy with a final exam. This year, I was free to spend time with the family.

The menu for tonight consisted of a seasoned long grained rice dish with a side of veggies and the main course of either chili-lime or cajun style chicken. I had bought a white wine with an orange hint to complement the meal but you know, my mom just isn't a fan of wine. Instead I substituted a round of FeiShakes, a drink for all to enjoy. For dessert, we prepared a humble serving of sherbet/ice cream flanked by thin slices of pound cake.

In preparing the table, my sister and I made a nifty center piece for display. It's basically a wired frame that held pictures of us, young and old. Once again, a simple gesture but it was the fun in seeing it come to life.

Happy Mother's Day!

There's plenty to be said of my mother, a wealth of stories. Some are encouraging and others funny but it's the later that I enjoy telling.

While new house hunting, we picked up a real estate agent, Jim. A handsome man in his mid-thirties with a new Oldsmobile Alero and one of the top sellers in his office. My mom loved this realtor because he was funny, charming and equally excited to get us into a new home.

My mom of course asks him about his new car. He says it's a great car. He purchased it because he and his wife are going through a seperation and it's time for him to start anew. He mentioned something about his wife just not being the right one. I'm not sure exactly if that's what he said because my mom interrupts and asks "Why don't you marry Chinese girl? They never trouble and never divorce."

At the time, I wasn't sure who was more embarrassed, myself or Jim. All I really remember is that satisfied smirk only my mom could make.

Activity: 3 | Energy: 3 | Friends: 2

Mother's Day Display

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Weekly Horoscope: 05-08-2005

This is an interesting week, Fei, which gives you a chance to shift your perspective and move more surely toward your goal. Saturn in your sign has meant that life has been rather difficult for many months now, although you have gotten used to handling the extra responsibility. And, you are aware that the difficult times will not last forever and things will improve soon. Venus moves into Gemini on Tuesday, which means that issues associated with your home and your social life may now seem to take on a life of their own. But you also get the opportunity to reflect on how your attitude affects these areas of your life and what you can do about it. Mercury moves into Taurus on Thursday, giving more lift to your social life and perhaps encouraging you to make new friends and do a bit of networking. On Friday you may decide to make a commitment to a person or a new friend as the Sun in Taurus sextiles Saturn in your sign. Perhaps you feel you would like to give them some extra support. On Sunday Mars conjuncts Uranus, and you may find yourself propelled on a long journey on the spur of the moment.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Help Desk Cookout

Yesterday, in honor of Cinco de Mayo, I convinced the team to order out from La Hacienda on Park Street. They serve good authentic Mexican cuisine.

Today was the last day for classes and a perfect weather day for the DoIT Supprt Services Cookout. Burgers, brats, and soda were prepared and paid for by the full time employees as a thanks for all the hard work throughout the semester. As usual, free food is a big draw for the Green Team and most everyone showed up. It was more like a family reunion since we've all been together for so long. A good time was had by all.

A congratulations goes out to Kelly and Caitlin. Both ladies were chosen for the Student Leadership Program. They are the future of Green Team and the success of the Help Desk.

Though it is always great to hang out with such a great bunch of people, it is also sad to see some of them move on.
You will be missed!

Activity: 2 | Energy: 2 | Friends: 3

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Night of Honor

Last night, Diana was inducted into the Madison East High 2005 Class of the National Honor Society. The inductee ceremony was fairly standard with music, opening remarks, and the recital of the principles and ideals of the society. Among these were Leadership, Service, Scholarship, and Character. The last one, Character, has been on my mind a great deal.

Character: The student of good character upholds principles of morality and ethics, is cooperative, demonstrates high standards of honesty and reliability, shows courtesy, concern, and respect for others, and generally maintains a good and clean lifestyle.

As I watched these young kids prepare for the next phase in their lives--mainly college life--I have to reflect a bit upon how far I've come in my own of maintaining the values entrusted in me. Of the four principles upholding honor, I see Character as the true virtue that the other three must have to excel. Leadership, Service, Scholarship, without Character, are poor at best.

In the weeks past, my own character has been under attack and I'm confronted by self-doubt. It's a crushing feeling. It hurts a hell of a lot more when it comes the from the ones you hold in esteem. It makes you weak. Above all, it questions your own intentions.

I think again about what it means to have character. It's what your parents gave you. It's societal development. It's respect and caring. Most importantly, it's about what you believe. And I believe in the good. I believe in the funny things in life. I believe in hope. I believe in heroes--they can overcome any trial.

So it's a challenge of sorts and I have no ill-will for the person who harrows this upon me. Friendship afterall is abound with give and take.

I know my sister will go far in life. She has all the best qualities of character. I hope she takes the limits of what I can teach and apply it in her future. I know that I will learn from my recent lessons of humility and not make the same mistakes.

I come out of this hopefully a better man. The commitments of character are the same. I still believe in the good and the funnies. But, as far as heroes are concerned, my friend you have taught me to question their validity. I know not whether there's a place for them anymore.

Activity: 2 | Energy: 2 | Friends: 2

A World Without a Superman

the closing statement of the Declaration of Independence, for the United States of America, and for all humanity

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Weekly Horoscope: 05-01-2005

This may be something of a trying week in certain respects, Fei, but it could also be immensely rewarding if you play your cards right. Saturn continues to move through your sign, but the good news is that there is not too much longer to go before it leaves Cancer for another twenty-nine years. Venus does sextile Saturn on Tuesday, which is helpful for making business contacts and associations. Mars has recently moved into Pisces, which is going to encourage you to take a leap of faith and to move in a whole new direction. The Sun and Venus in Taurus are very positive when it comes to helping your social life get off the ground. Your love life may be sparked into action by meeting someone who seems to offer you the support you long to receive. For much of the week you can make a lot of progress, but Saturday could prove to be quite difficult for a number of reasons. Mercury squares Saturn and the Sun squares Neptune. There seem to be issues here associated with a stubborn adherence to past ways of thinking, coupled by a need to fantasize about what could be. Sunday is excellent for thinking about work and career developments.